On a Cool Winter Morning; We are Lovin’it


Checking on trees is a year round task. We recently went down into lower 30s requiring some plants to come indoors.  Now we are back in the 50s and having a blessed rain.  The trees are loving it.

I have a new tree in the collection that will require some research and re-potting soon. Austrian Black pine joins the family.

New Austrian Black pine sitting on double stack crates awaiting work.

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Bonsai vs. Succulent

Geodesic Siobhan

In college I had a Bonsai tree I bought on the street. It was very beautiful, but I was too irresponsible and immature to, I don’t know, look up how to properly take care of it, and my sleeping schedule was so off that it wasn’t regularly watered. It died. I had named it Scheherazade.

About 7 years passed. I had graduated, fallen in love, moved from New York to Seattle. One day I went to buy flowers at the local market and they were also selling what looked like the evil plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

“How much is this?” I asked. She named some insanely cheap price (under ten dollars).

It wasn’t too young. It was a hen and chicks succulent which meant the main plant was in the middle and all it’s children surrounded it. The children were beginning to thrive. It was like adopting an…

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