Wrightia religiosa and turkey soup for the bonsai soul

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

You’re in for a treat today! Not only will I be updating the water jasmine I worked on several months ago…..……here’s the tree today…..

…..and the tree, back at the end of this blogpost

….but I will also be chronicling the creation of a classic American epicurean delight:

Turkey Soup!I had to pick up a few ingredients at the store….

But I saved, and froze, two turkey carcasses from Thanksgiving. One bag of bones is from a traditionally roasted recipe, but the second was from a rubbed, injected, inspected, dejected and deep fried turkey.

The work on the tree today, after a full growing season this year, will be removing the wire and cutting it back hard. Why at this time of the year?

Because it’ll still grow, if we let it.

The wrightia religiosa is a tree that can and will go dormant in the winter here…

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