Antelope Valley Raptor Search Report, Saturday, 12 January 2013


It was 30 degrees, sunny and windless when we turned off Hwy 14 at Palmdale Blvd. and drove east.  Our first stop was at an undeveloped area along E10th St. north of Rancho Vista (Ave. Q).  The area was not as productive as it has been in past years but we saw the first raptors of the day: a Northern Harrier that flew by and several Red-tailed Hawks.

Our next stop was on the shoulder of the road by the Desert Aire Golf Club (Ave. P x E40th St.).  A puddle of water on the grass near the edge of the golf course was attracting a mixed flock of passerines including White-crowned Sparrows & House Finches.  In the scrub across the road, we found a small flock of California Quail, a Loggerhead Shrike and more sparrows and finches, including one Golden-crowned Sparrow.

California Quail, Scott Baker California Quail, S. Baker, 01/12/13


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First Annual MK Bonsai and Ikebana show to take place

Celebrate:MK lifestyle magazine

Milton Keynes is to host its first ever Bonsai show at the end of June.

The First Annual Milton Keynes Bonsai and Ikebana show will be held at the Central Library on the 30th June this year.

Organised and run by the city’s very own Milton Keynes Bonsai society with collaboration from other local clubs, the show is a chance for everyone in MK to gain an insight into this fascinating art.

The word Bonsai literally means ‘tree in a pot’ and is the practice of cultivating tiny versions of the majestic types of trees that surround us in the Green City.

Growers try to emulate the wild, rugged and ancient trees in miniature form and the results are often quite breathtaking. Milton Keynes Bonsai Society was formed in 1996 and has run monthly meetings ever since.

The friendly group has members of all ages and it’s a welcoming place…

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New Inventory for the New Year

Schley's Bonsai Blog

We have been working hard to bring in new inventory as we prepare for our upcoming event. We want to have lots of stock and finished trees on offer to make the drive out here worth it for all of you. More than just having our guest artists at the shop to expand your knowledge, we want to have a selection of trees that speak to each and every one of you.

After spending the weekend picking up several truck loads of new stock, I’d be lying if I said my back didn’t ache. Who knew this getting older thing would stick?


Fortunately for me, one of my Christmas presents this year was a back massager. I’ve needed it more than once after picking up and transporting hundreds of trees. So. Much. Lifting.

Now all we have to do is weed them. And organize. And trim. And…okay, so, work isn’t…

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Some trees are show-ers, some trees are growers

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Rainy days and Monday always get me down.

What to do on a rainy day while sitting in your PT Loser, waiting for the kids? Well, today, I think I’ll do a little whittling.

The tree in the back seat will just have to wait, I guess.

I recently went on a Cub Scout camp out with my son Mathew so, being the man I am, I had to show off a little with my knife skills. I chipped off a piece of pine from a regular ol’ one by six finish board that my family likes to smash (they practice taekwondo and have a propensity for breaking boards and concrete blocks with their feet and fists. Beware, I have three black belts in the family and they are all very protective…..,).

Anyhow, pine isn’t the best carving wood but this piece seems to be working out. Maybe it was…

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