Victorian Sewage

San on the Lam

Monday 24 September-Tuesday 25 September 2018.

One thing you get used to, as a birder on holiday, is a trip to the sewage works. Seriously, we have visited sewage works all over the world, some smellier than others, and there is nothing that gets Mark more excited than the thought of a good sewage pond. The reason, of course, is that birds, especially waterfowl and waders, find them irresistible and there is usually a concentration of interesting, and otherwise hard-to-find species. Australia was no exception and we were looking forwards to visiting one of the premier birding sites in the country. First, though, we had to get there.

Our early-morning flight from Cairns to Melbourne, in the southern state of Victoria, went without a hitch, although the relative cold of the area came as a bit of a shock after the warmth of Tropical North Queensland. Still, we’d expected that and…

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