BirdLife eThekwini KZN

6 birders attended the outing on a lovely sunny day. Msinsi was looking green and lush after the rain and the paths had recently been mown which made for pleasant walking. As we began the walk we noticed many Swifts flying over the sports ground – Little, White-rumped, African Palm, and to our surprise a single Horus Swift! Barn Swallows were also still around, and Lesser striped Swallows and a Familiar Chat were perched on the “grandstand”. An Orange-breasted Bush-shrike called nearby. We had lovely views of Square-tailed Drongos and of course we saw Fork-tailed as well. The grassland area did not produce much this time but in the forested areas we saw or heard Terrestrial Brownbul, Bar-throated Apalis, Black-collared and White-eared Barbets, Green-backed Camaroptera, Tambourine Dove, African Paradise Flycatcher, Sombre Greenbul, Black-headed Oriole, Black-backed Puffback, Red-capped Robin-chat, Natal Spurfowl, Olive Sunbird, Southern Black Tit, Purple-crested Turaco, Common Waxbill, Golden-tailed…

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