Bluff Outing

BirdLife eThekwini KZN

Bluff Nature Reserve

Saturday 4th August 2018

Report by Terry Walls 

In spite of the clear day we were promised by the weather forecast, there were a few clouds about and a fresh chill in the air.

Bluff Nature Reserve was originally established in the suburb of Wentworth, to conseve a small patch of wetland, surounded by riverine forest with a small pan in the centre of the wetland. Over the years, the pan, due to various circumstances, has receded and the reeds and woodland surrounding the pan have established themselves. Initially two bird hides were built adjacent to the pan, one of which has been removed, due to the receding water line. The existing hide offers only a limited view of the pan, as it is mostly surrounded by reeds.

We were greeted by a Black Sparrowhawk and a pair of White-eared Barbets, while waiting for the gait to…

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