Packery Channel Park

Originally posted on One Woman's Quest II:
Exploring is something Ric and I love to do. He will pour over the web for hours researching points of interest, and I happily follow along. Some places do not meet our expectations and others exceed them, soon becoming favourites. After driving along the beaches of Mustang Island we have come to The Packery Channel Park on… Continue reading Packery Channel Park

Nikon’s Z7 requires AF-Fine Tuning

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The claims that on-sensor phase-detection autofocus sensors in Nikon’s Z7 does away with autofocus fine-tuning are wrong. I had to use AF Fine Tuning to get my lenses to focus properly. When I first started using my Nikon Z7 for wildlife photography I got some very nice and sharp images, along with other photos where the focus was… Continue reading Nikon’s Z7 requires AF-Fine Tuning

Welcome to MyBirdingBlog!

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How did I get started with birding? Frankly I had no interest for many many years. I am an early childhood music teacher and we use bird and animal sounds for auditory discrimination. So I began to get to know the sounds of the cardinal, robin, belted kingfisher, red-winged blackbird and others. On occasion I would hear these birds outside and… Continue reading Welcome to MyBirdingBlog!