Packery Channel Park

One Woman's Quest II

Exploring is something Ric and I love to do. He will pour over the web for hours researching points of interest, and I happily follow along. Some places do not meet our expectations and others exceed them, soon becoming favourites.

After driving along the beaches of Mustang Island we have come to The Packery Channel Park on North Padre Island. As we didn’t see much in bird life along the beaches, we are thinking this is not the best day for birding. Despite sunshine, it is windy and cool.

We pull in to a small parking lot beside a public restroom, which fronts onto a boardwalk. As soon as we open the car doors we can hear the sweet, sharp chirps of songbirds.

They are everywhere, flitting from tree to tree. Excitedly, my camera lens tries to catch up. I do manage to snap a few, noting Pine and Yellow-Rumped…

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