Review: Atlas of Birds


atlasofbirdsAtlas of Birds: Diversity, Behavior, and Conservation by Mike Unwin
Princeton University Press, 2011

A beautiful, fascinating geographic overview of birds, how they live, where they live, and how they are impacted by humans. “This atlas aims to illuminate our understanding of birds in terms of geography. It looks at their biology, their conservation status, and their importance to both humankind and the wider environment, in a global context.” p. 7

atlasofbirds passerinesFrontmatter p. 7
Part One: Introduction to Birds p. 12
Part Two: Where Birds Live p. 20
Part Three: Birds in Order p. 42
Part Four: How Birds Live p. 62
Part Five: Birds and People p. 84
Part Six: Birds Under Threat p. 98
Part Seven: Protecting Birds p. 116
Part Eight: Bird Table p. 128
Endmatter p. 138

Succinct descriptions and discussion paragraphs are paired with full color graphs, charts, statistics, and maps. Facts are illustrated with…

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