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Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays from all of us over here at Schley’s Bonsai!!

We’ve already told you about our upcoming event in January, but we’re happy to update that one of our classes will be taught by Mike Rogers.

He will be teaching our all day beginner class on the 27th. Click here for more information. Be sure to snag your seat before they are all sold out.

And don’t forget to check out the other classes we are offering here, including root stand carving with our special guest artist, Sean Smith, and a Black Pine grafting class with Louise Leister.

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greebybeeby on Instagram: “Thanks for letting me share my #bonsai journey with you all this year. Here’s my #bestnine2018 22-12-18. #bonsai #bonsaiwork #bonsailovers…”

American Falls in the Evening


November 10, 2018

I was in American Falls one evening and decided to drive by a few of my birding spots to see what I could find from my car.

Gulls at one of the boat access points

The cemetery sits on the cliffs above the Snake River. The edge is lined with trees and bald eagles like to fish from the trees.

This one let me take quite a few photos. _JLS2736



A cormorant was also fishing the river

Another cormorant below the dam _JLS2748

Adorable cat out looking for mice

There were a lot of ducks in the distance and a Clarks &/or Western grebe but all were too far out for me to identify either by eye or by photo.

— Jenny

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Bait and switch at the refuge


November 17, 2018

I was seduced by the thought of seeing thousands of swans. See, I follow the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge on Facebook:

And they posted this amazing photo:  by Dickson Smith.

And included the words: “Witness the spectacle of the Tundra swan migration from the new Viewing Tower at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge! The Western wintering population of swans remains fairly similar from year to year, peaking around mid-November, in the Great Salt Lake area. See the link to follow the numbers Photo: Dickson Smith”

I waffled back an forth, knowing I’d need to leave super early in the morning to make the dawn light. I almost talked myself out of going when I get this phone call and Red wanted to come with. Most of my friends do not want to leave at 5 or 6 am, but she’s a farmer and the…

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