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A Little Olive Bonsai

rené becerril

Olive trees have been always mystical for me almost the same as oaks. They are imposing and legendary trees, which have carried a big cultural and economic significance throughout the human history.

In México, my place of birth, old olives are not very common. Although there are some olive plantations, their trees are not as majestic as the ones found in the Mediterranean.

In 2003 during my backpacking travels in Europe, I firsthand saw these majestic trees, which left a big impression on me.

Years later in 2014, during a holiday in Mallorca with my family, I visited a grove of ancient olives close to the town of Valldemossa.

I drove my car on the windy roads until I got to the place I spotted the day before while driving with my family. It was early in the morning, the sun had just come up, and no one was to…

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