Repotting my final Ficus for the year. What a way to end off the year with my roots up in the air…


As you can see I finished all the work I put aside for this week in two days! Once you get started there is no stopping. The first few Ficus trees I worked on went quickly as I just needed to prune them. I have a few before and after photos below to show you how much I pruned them. After that I saw that some of the trees did not just need prunning but they needed to be repotted as well. Their roots where growing over the pots and containers. Not just that but the soil mixture in some of the containers were so dense you could not get a toothpick in the soil.

Just a quick run down of the trees I pruned. These trees were all started from cuttings through out the past few years. They are all at different stages in their growing cycle and development…

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