Part 1: Constructing a Backyard Bonsai Garden

The second phase of our garden was to get gravel to place underneath the benches.  The rock would serve two purposes: aesthetics and drainage.  In addition to the top layer of gravel, we dug a trench from the house all the way down into the ravine.

Our house as settled quite a bit since it was build, thus resulting in sitting water next to our home’s foundation.  Integrating the gravel bed, with a perforated trench running along the garden will help wick away excess water.  The trench digging by hand took about two days while the pipe and rock filling took the better part of the week.  When it came time to fill rocks over the perforated pipe, Eli decided he wanted to help!  When he gets older, he can tell tales of how much work he put into constructing the garden!


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