Rogue Birder, ch 12,Rogue Birder Goes to Washington


Rogue Birder Goes to Washington

For more years than most anyone cares to remember, the United States was attempting to duke it out with North Vietnam. Because I was a 1960’s young Danny McSkunk, that is, a male and breathing, worry that the war would consume me one way or the other was a constant. The situation had my attention when I checked for Rogue country warblers in the spring, extracted a junco from a mist net, while counting birds on Oregon islands, all the time. One fateful day, a draft notice arrived. Luckily, so to speak, I had already joined the Navy in a program that allowed me to finish school before requiring me to active duty. By active, I mean not just having my attention, but standing at attention.

In early summer of 1967, I had just turned in all college requirements and had packed for a few…

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