Riduzione degli aghi su pino nero

nihon bonsai

Il pino nero giapponese ‘Kuromatsu’ (Pinus Thunbergii) è una delle varietà tipiche del bonsai giapponese, ma presentando un ago molto lungo, per essere mantenuto in forma bonsai richiede l’applicazione di una tecnica specifica finalizzata alla riduzione dell’ago.

Tale tecnica denominata Tambaoo si basa sul taglio estivo del germoglio (mekiri) che stimola l’emissione di una seconda vegetazione. Le foto documentano l’intervento  effettuato su questo pino nero (da giugno a Novembre).

Stato della vegetazione a fine Giugno 2018 e taglio dei nuovi germogli:

Stato delle nuove gemme al 04 agosto 2018:

Stato della seconda vegetazione al 31 ottobre 2018 e pulizia degli aghi vecchi, ora è pronto per la legatura.

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November Meeting Report



The meeting was full on yet again as we gathered for our annual Think Tank session.  This is an opportunity for us to reflect towards the end of the year on our programme and activities and start planning for the next year.  For the first time a comprehensive questionnaire had been distributed to members and returned with their responses.  For some time there had been rumblings about whether it was time to change the format of the Club from the more traditional and formalised set-up and  run by an elected committee; to a more relaxed, social and spontaneous arrangement where the programme is decided on by a member or members, who would suggest a theme or idea for the next meeting and then organise it.  Other changes were mooted as well like reducing paperwork, the structure for paying subs, changing rules, having a club leader or administrator instead of AGMs and committee members with specific roles. …

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December Meeting – Club Christmas Social

47316555_368754123687022_6176365376276791296_nAs every year, the December meeting is when we hold our Christmas social. New this year was the “Best Dressed X-mas Bonsai” competition and our first club raffle draw. We started the Raffle earlier in the year and it proved very successful, raising plenty of money to continue this next year with further good prizes. Prizes for the raffle were donated by Members and I would like to thank everyone who participated and made this new venture a success.

The evening started with Carol setting out the food (a splendid effort at short notice – Big Thank you Carol!) and then we commenced with a general Knowledge Quiz. 47345241_528380674304084_7705566199727259648_n

After the quiz we voted on the best dressed Bonsai and Rebecca swept the board with her beautifully decorated Larch Group, complete with snow and Victorian Street lighting. Well done to everyone who put in the effort to enter a tree.


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