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Shigeru Fukuda is one of my favorite contemporary Japanese potters, and has been featured numerous times on the blog.

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He is quite famous in Japan, although not because of bonsai and pottery. He’s something akin to the Japanese Dale Earnhart, as he’s the winningest Japanese auto racer in history, with more than 60 wins. He currently owns the Kawaguichi Auto Racing track in Saitama.

Insofar as hispottery is concerned, it’s said that’s he’s the “reincarnation of Heian Tofukuji”, for his diversity of form, unique glazes, and exceptional depth.

Here, Kunio Kobayashi prepares a stone display at Shunkaen with Bushuan Suiban. That’s Fukuda Shigeru to the left.

Now, on to the pots!

Multiple Views of an outstanding crackle yellow glazed Tetsu Gakken style rectangle with painted and carved bamboo and tiger. Simply gorgeous. A spectacular rectangle with multiple color glazes. A riot of beatiful…

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Ino Shukuho, Part 2

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Ino Shukuho is a legacy of 3 generations of potters, each with different styles and techniques. The current Shukuho, Ino Yoshiki, was born in 1943. His father, Ino Kiichiro, was a purveyor for the Imperial Houshokd, and was close friends with Heian Tofukuji; many of Tofukuji’s greatest later works were fired in the Shukuho kiln. Shukuho has won numerous prizes and awards, and his containers are some of the most popular for Shohin bonsai in Japan. The vast majority are carved from a single block of Kyoto clay, leaving production levels very low due to the labor intensive nature of the method.

Many works were commissioned bY Takeyama San of Fuyo En, who was a driving force behind some of the kiln’s later designs. It’s said that 3rd Generation Shukuho’s Oribe Glaze is virtually identical to Tofukuji’s.

Now on to the pots!

A fairly typical example of Shukuho Oribe glaze…

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21 Questions for Kawauso Pottery and the Talented Roy Minarai

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I started out thinking I was going to do an article about Kawauso Pottery(aka Roy Minarai on Facebook), but the interview stands well on its own. So, here it is in its entirety, along with a selection of Roy’s containers.
I think we can expect (even more) wonderful things from Kawauso Pottery in the coming years; with only a short time under his belt, Roy is already producing some of the best and most complex glazes I’ve seen in the West. I own several of them myself, so am one of the few who has had the opportunity to examine them first hand, and they are as excellent in person as they are in photographs. His truly unique glazes will certainly be collectible in time. Head over to his page and give him a like on Facebook with this link:Kawauso Pottery. And keep your eyes peeled: Roy’s containers…

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Kagawa BONSAI on Instagram: “今日も盆栽園へ。 Today I went bonsai nursery also. . Just i can back japan, today i went bonsai nursery also. . In takamatsu have too many bonsai…”


The Great Chinese Quince Makeover


I have been fussing with this Chinese Quince for about 5 years now already and I have fixed many problems with its base and now concentrating on the top. I had structure wire on this tree for the second time; this time for over a year and I learned how to do it so it would not cut in. I just removed that wire today. My effort was to extend branches out and a bit down; this is a battle with the tree because it really wants to grow strong and straight up. However, I did managed to thicken up some of the branches and get some back budding. That back budding allows me now to reduce the length of the branches and start over again for a less course growth. In the coming year will be be pinching like crazy on this tree to create finer branches. It grows…

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Global Bonsai Market Professional Survey Report 2018

Frank n Raf

Frank n Raf Market Research LLP provides the Global Bonsai Market Report, this report studies the global Bonsai market trends, status and forecast, categorizes the global Bonsai market size (value & volume) by key players, type, application, and region. This report center on the top players in

North America



South America

Middle East & Africa.

As per research report, the global Bonsai market is valued at million US dollar in 2017 and will reach million US dollar by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of during 2018-2025. The significant manufacturers cap in this report. The Bonsai Company Bonsai Design Loder Bonsai BV Bonsai Network Japan Bonsai outlet Bonsai New Zealand Fern Valley Bonsai Geographically, this report examinations the key regions, focuses on product sales, value, market share and growth opportunity in these regions, covering North America Europe China Japan Southeast Asia India.

We can also provide…

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