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Here I sit, in a seat that I fit, revisiting a green island ficus that I showed you all last year or so…( in this blog post as a matter of fact).

But haven’t really touched since then.

Some varieties of ficus are funny in a way that they won’t grow if you’re ignoring them. One wold be the ficus Burt davyi. Another is the green island. It’ll just sit there and look at you if you’re not actively pruning it or repotting etc. which is what happened to this one.

I ignored it.

It ignored me.

I mean, damn, looking above, you’d think I would have gotten a little more wire cutting than this? I watered it and all.

Anyway, I’ll be removing the old wire, pruning and defoliating it (to get those juices flowing) and seeing if the cut paste I used….

….had any effect at all.


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