Sierra Juniper Gets the Master’s Final Instruction


The Sierra Juniper was re-potted to the new pot as Master Mitsuya had desired. He wanted this tree to move to a more feminine pot and I compromised on a rustic feminine pot. This one is artisan crafted special edition and give the tree a very delicate look as he had seen it to need.

First images document the pot, pot prep

Once I removed the sierra juniper from the pot I observed its typical issues. After all these years it still had a limited amount of roots. All the roots on this tree are fine roots. I have work out all the larger one ones over the years. My quest today was to not remove many roots. I only got rid of broken ones and remove the old soil carefully from the root mass. This should keep the tree from any shock.

Placement in the new pot was not…

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Natures detail… This is the composition I found during my walk this afternoon. Looking down at the trodden in Oak leaves. The texture, colours and overlap of the leaves makes it a simple but effect photograph. #nature #oak #oakleaf #droplets #naturesdetail #localwalk #minera #wrexham #leadmines #hiraeth #lr #iphone8 #finalltdraggedthekidsout #nowitsraining #naturalpatterns #bonsaiwales #bonsaiwalesinstagram

I hear you’re jealous of ficus in Florida….?

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I’ve heard that many times.

Well, damn then, I’m jealous of ficus up North. You all have an opportunity I don’t. More on that towards the end. Let’s take a look at some trees then.

This was, in a time long ago and far away, and, as what some of you might know, and what those who might be a little…um…what’s the word…snobbish, call a….ahem, a “ginseng” ficus. There ain’t no such thing, of course, but that’s what many marketing people like to call it. And we all know what those guys are like, I mean, you’ve seen Mad Men right?

Anyway, the above tree started out life just like the typical big box store ficus. Like the ones below:

The trick in choosing one of these trees is to get one with a better trunk shape.

You can read about what I do (or did) to these trees here:

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One branch at a time….

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Here I sit, in a seat that I fit, revisiting a green island ficus that I showed you all last year or so…( in this blog post as a matter of fact).

But haven’t really touched since then.

Some varieties of ficus are funny in a way that they won’t grow if you’re ignoring them. One wold be the ficus Burt davyi. Another is the green island. It’ll just sit there and look at you if you’re not actively pruning it or repotting etc. which is what happened to this one.

I ignored it.

It ignored me.

I mean, damn, looking above, you’d think I would have gotten a little more wire cutting than this? I watered it and all.

Anyway, I’ll be removing the old wire, pruning and defoliating it (to get those juices flowing) and seeing if the cut paste I used….

….had any effect at all.


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