Teunis Jan Klein on Instagram: “Nice touch up on this #juniper #bonsai #shohin for sale @deshimabonsai.nl”

akihiro shiraishi on Instagram: “今日の盆栽 五葉松 goyoumatsu #盆栽 #盆栽奶茶 #bonsai #bonsaï #bonsaiart #bonsaipot #bonsaitree #bonsailife #bonsaiworld #bonsaigarden #bonsaiwork…”

Shohin Bonsai Europe on Instagram: “Dwarf Horsetail, Equisetum scirpoides. Kusamono. Pot: Eimei, Youzan Tokonane, Japan. #bonsai #kusamono #shohin”

Why do you bonsai?

Bonsai Iterate

We don’t ask this question frequently enough: “Why do you practice bonsai?” And when we ask it, I don’t know that many people answer in a way that really helps us understand how different each of our approaches can be. Responding with something like, “I really love trees,” or, “I love the time I spend in my garden,” for example, is not really the kind of answer that is helpful. When I ask why, here, I really mean WHY?! What is your purpose? What are your goals? What sets you apart from others? Knowing your WHY should drive your decisions, your actions, and your interactions with other bonsai enthusiasts.

Knowing your WHY reminds me of the idea of an “elevator speech.” Imagine you were at a bonsai convention and suddenly found yourself in the elevator with your biggest bonsai hero in the world. You introduce yourself, and your hero asks…

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