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Preparing for our club show. With thirteen days left everything is starting to fall in place.


It’s thirteen days before our clubs show and I feel relieved but also tense at the same time. This year I am organizing the show. It’s the first time that I am in charge of all the arrangements for an event that is not part of work. Must say not being paid to manage an event is more stressful. Hopefully all will go according to plan. The biggest challenge for me is getting other members to lend a hand and getting feedback on a regular basis. So use to working with a team that gives you their full undivided attention. I get the feeling that everyone is just going this is your baby so you deal with it.

I’m not one to back down if the going gets tough. I just see it as a learning curve. All I’m telling myself is this I will be changing next year every…

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Vredehoek Farm Walk


Debby and Keith always put on such a good show at their beautiful wild flower farm, that a large turn-out is almost guaranteed.  Today was no exception.  No less than 23 Hurriers availed themselves of the opportunity to enjoy the good weather, beautiful fynbos and great hospitality!

We walked through the Protea plantations and saw the blooms being harvested for export.  What a sight!  Then we passed through a recently burnt area where the botanists could marvel at the new growth, before traversing through fynbos on the lower mountain slopes.  On arrival back at the cottage, we were amazed to find a super spread of goodies to eat and hot coffee.  It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!

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A Walk to Vogel Pool


After last night’s gale, we were relieved to wake up to a calm and clear day today.  We were going to walk to Vogel Pool with Gilly, so were pleased with the change in the weather.  It was her first visit to Vogelgat and she obviously enjoyed the outing.  By the time we had ascended the zigzag path the wind returned, however, and that wasn’t a bad thing as it kept us cool in what turned out to be a pretty hot day!  The temperature was no less than 34 degrees Celsius when we got back to Base Camp!  I was certainly quite exhausted!

We managed to get a ‘lifer’ when we spotted the rare Paranomus sceptrum-gustavianus on the way down.  It was some distance off the path and down a steep slope, so I did not get a good shot of it.  We had no idea what it was…

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Fernkloof Contour Path


Our walk this morning started with 12 people but three peeled off to do Lemoenkop, so nine of us carried on eastwards along the contour path.  It was very warm and we were pleased to be in shade for part of the time.  We did not go far, but completed two good hours of walking by the time we returned to the Visitors’ Centre.

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