Young Winter Hazel Structural Design—

michael hagedorn

Although we create a lot of deciduous bonsai here, embarrassingly few of them show up on this blog. I’ll endeavor to include more of them down the road.

One of the enticing challenges of deciduous bonsai is seeing the future tree in the young twigs in front of you. The process is so long that unless you can push aside the years and see the final product in one’s imagination, there will be a moment ten years down the road when one will think, ‘Darn, if I’d only moved those branches over there way back when.’

This Winter Hazel, Corylopsis spicata, is native to Japan and came from Telperion Farms here in Oregon a few years ago, and until now I’ve done little with it but grow the extensions to get a bit of trunk caliper. This past Seasonal class noodled it a bit further, to set it up…

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