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25 years of wader declines


This article summarises a Bird Study paper arising from a 25-year Scottish study of breeding Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Redshank & Curlew. The story is set against a backdrop of a changing farming landscape.

RC LapThe interesting and sobering feature of this paper about breeding waders by Mike Bell and John Calladine is that its focus is a ‘normal’ area of farmland in Scotland. If you’ve taken the A9 north of Stirling, through Strathallan, then you’ll have driven past the fields. Perhaps you might even have noticed displaying Lapwing, Oystercatcher, Curlew and Redshank? Over a 25-year period, the number of breeding waders in this valley and another one that runs northwest and that can be seen from the B827 has dropped from 600 pairs to just 76 – that’s a loss of 87%, or over 20 pairs per year.

So, what has changed in this part of Scotland that might be linked to…

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A Few Takeaways from the Joe Harris III Seminar on Satsuki Azaleas-

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Every year we invite a talented bonsai artist to talk in the studio here for our summer Crataegus Bonsai Seminar, and this year it was filled to overflowing with more than 30 people in a space that was built to teach 6. We were well rewarded for the sardining, however, as Joe Harris III gave us a remarkable 5-hour lesson in the history, cultivars, propagation, care, and styling of Satsuki Azaleas.

Few can claim Joe’s background—he studied for four years at Kanuma Bonsai Park in Kanuma, Japan under Mr. Hashimoto and dealt with a terrific number of azaleas while there, as well as other specialties like Japanese White Pine. Since then Joe has been in the upper management of the industry-leading Iseli Nursery here in western Oregon, and so he brings a wealth of knowledge from disparate fields to the table. It was an illuminating talk—our thanks to Joe for…

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Fall is a Good Time to See Weak Branches

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In the fall we’ve got a golden opportunity to see where are our deciduous bonsai have weak spots.

It’s fairly simple. If one has a bonsai that is losing its leaves, pay attention to the branch that is the first to turn color, and the first branch to lose its leaves. That is the branch that is weak, which can suggest a number of issues.


A branch that loses its leaves early is a clue to weakness

Why might a bonsai have weak branches?

  • It may be that your tree has a root problem.
  • It may be that the bonsai simply hasn’t been repotted in a while and is maybe out of sequence because of a harrowing work year, and could use a repotting refresher.
  • It may be that there has been a disease or pest troubling that area, and this can be our first red flag.

If you see…

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Young Winter Hazel Structural Design—

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Although we create a lot of deciduous bonsai here, embarrassingly few of them show up on this blog. I’ll endeavor to include more of them down the road.

One of the enticing challenges of deciduous bonsai is seeing the future tree in the young twigs in front of you. The process is so long that unless you can push aside the years and see the final product in one’s imagination, there will be a moment ten years down the road when one will think, ‘Darn, if I’d only moved those branches over there way back when.’

This Winter Hazel, Corylopsis spicata, is native to Japan and came from Telperion Farms here in Oregon a few years ago, and until now I’ve done little with it but grow the extensions to get a bit of trunk caliper. This past Seasonal class noodled it a bit further, to set it up…

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