Barred Owl Spotted in East Dallas Along Santa Fe Trail

Wild Dallas

Owls are more often heard than seen.

On my walks in East Dallas, I often pause when I hear owls hooting. Their calls occasionally emanate from the dense trees along White Rock Lake.

I visited the lake many times in recent months in search of owls and their babies, as barred owl families often nest there. But the owls remained elusive and unseen.

I also occasionally hear owls in the early evening as I walk my dog along the Santa Fe Trail.

But I had never spotted an owl before. That changed on a recent Sunday evening around 5 p.m.  as I took my dog for a walk. After heavy rain earlier in the day, I glanced a large bird that I thought was a hawk fly past and land on a tree branch.


I squinted at the dense tree canopy of leaves, and saw the bird hunched over…

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