Pot Appreciation 101

Nebari Bonsai

Get a refill on your morning cup of coffee. With the blog format changing to bi-weekly posts, we are going deep today, so put off this post until you’re ready to read.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but maybe a 300-level student, capable of guest-presenting a 100-level Bonsai pot primer. Pots aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they are an important part of Bonsai, and for something as simple as clay and glaze, the range of pots available is staggering.

Pots can be simple in design too, they all have a defined shape, visible proportions, a body which contains the roots and soil, and an edge or lip. All pots normally have a bottom with drainage and tie-down holes, and the bottom may have feet, a pedestal, or may be flat.

Pots are manufactured in several ways, and for specific reasons:

Carved: smaller pots are often carved…

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