Botanical outing to Hoogie’s farm, in the Diepgat area near Shaw’s pass


An enthusiastic group of 25 botanisers headed up the Hemel en Aarde Valley on Thursday 11 October instead of the usual Wednesday,  to the stunning van Hoogstraten farm at Diepgat. This area burnt in December 2012.

Soon after we had parked cars we were exclaiming at the masses of Erica species around, Erica rubiginosa, E elimensis, E cruenta, E collina, E plukenetii, E coccinia and the white E viscaria longifolia. For the orchid fans we saw Satyrium humile, S bicorne, S coriifolium, Disa bracteata and Holothrix villosa.

There was a field of tall, bleached white Phaenocoma prolifera as far as the eye could determine. Special finds for some were Cyanella lutea, Diosma hirsuta and Gladiolus liliaceus. Hoogie can be justly proud of all the clearing he has done of masses of  invading alien vegetation. What a reward.

Di Marais

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