Discovering my true roots… a tragic tale of two plants in one container


The weekend I spent a hour untangling the lily’s roots from my Podocarpus latifolius (Geelhout). It was a bit more difficult than I expected as the roots where so infused with each other you could barely separate the lily’s roots from the trees roots. I have put this off for far to long so I just had to jump in and do it.


This was the first step after I removed the tree from the bag. It did not look like there is much roots in the bag. At this point I started to doubt the decision to separate the two plants from each other. As you can see the lily took up most of the space in the bag.
Before touching the tree any further I prepped my growing container and soil. I used the same soil mix that I always use for potting bonsai trees. I use a…

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