Explore: Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Justin Hawthorne


Justin Hawthorne

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is a place that cries out for you to slow down and soak it all in. Ideally, it needs more than a quick visit. More like a day! I did just that and went in to catch sunrise before slowly strolling its vast network of pathways, eventually finding the bench that said: “Justin, sit.”.

DSCF7179 A beautiful Strelitzia (Crane Flower), Kirstenbosch

What are my TOP 10 highlights of this grand garden? 

  1. The Fynbos Walk
  2. Tree Canopy Walkway (Boomslang) at the Arboretum
  3. The Dell & Colonel Bird’s Bath
  4. Matthews Rockery & the Vygie Garden
  5. Otter Pond
  6. Conservatory
  7. Camphor Avenue (Old Rhodes Drive)
  8. Nursery Stream
  9. Main Pond
  10. Cycad Amphitheatre & Pearson’s Grave

DSCF7017 Strolling across The Boomslang at sunrise, Kirstenbosch

The Fynbos Walk 

IMG_3727 Silver Tree leaf detail (Protea Family), Kirstenbosch

DSCF7154 A pretty Polygala (Milkwort Family), Kirstenbosch

The upper lawns are my favourites! Immersed with Fynbos…

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