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The life:I’m being a bit pretentious but, you see, I can be. Why?

Welcome, my friends, it is…

(I don’t use this brand but it’s the only graphic I could find for free, thank you Hollister, I’ll be ordering some samples soon!)

I thought that it would be informative to my readers to understand just a little about what I have to do to be a teaching and traveling bonsai artist living with an ostomy.

First, for those who have no idea what that is, an ostomy is, basically, a hole in your body through which either urine or feces (or fæces if you’re English) can exit your body (from those organs which produce said waste) and be collected in an appliance. Check this website out for a good description of types of ostomies.

I have an ileostomy (more specifically, a loop…

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