Travel photography – what works now…


Freiberg, Germany H. Cropped ©You can’t see it; but, a little tear is  creeping out of my eye…  The tear is because I know how correct this piece is and my new heavy, long lens is by now, on it’s way from the store.      What have I done?        Have I forgotten the time my zoomer fell apart in the middle of a Germany Ski Vacation and I used my little 24mm lens for the rest or the trip — some of my most memorable images.  This piece from Rohn Engh’s PhotoLetter is spot on – slamming us right back to reality. Read on, and weep with me or cheer up that travel can become fun again…

Snap Out of It

As social media changes the way we experience vacation photos, there’s no better time to improve the shots themselves. Lesson one: Focus on the details



Diane Cook & Len Jenshel

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