More Birds, Fewer Mullet: Malibu Lagoon, 23 September, 2018


Seafood lovers alert! A mortified Sea Hare on the beach
(G. Murayama 9-21-18)

We didn’t have any shocks (later for the surprise) like last month when the lagoon and channel were covered with dead Striped Mullet. Somewhere between 3000 and 6000 dead fish were removed by lucky State Parks personnel during the final week of August. I for one was stunned that the lagoon held that many fish. More fish were removed during the past week (I assume) as on Sep. 15 I counted 289 dead mullet along the northwest lagoon/channel shoreline, and well under 100 today in the same area. Some research results point towards low dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water as the mortality culprit. This could interrelate with water temperature; as water temperature goes up, DO goes down.

View across west channel towards Malibu Colony shows very few dead mullet.
Compare to last month. (L. Johnson…

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