Mirrorless Photo Cameras revisited, PART 2


One month and counting since beginning with my Mirrorless System. Basically I’m surprised at the camera’s ability to capture street scenes if left to it’s own device. It boosts the ISO up and catches the moment – fast.

But, for nature, I’m still figuring it out. The detail is incredible and as I’m still using the kit lenses I should be pleased. Here’s what I have so far…

Barbers Orchard: Sony a6000 w/ 16-50mm variable Kit lens, 3:38 PM f/11, 1/80 sec. matrix metering, hand held

Given that this is hand held, not a great idea if doing serious stuff, I think it is pretty amazing.

Bee on Daisey: Sony a6000 w/Adapter and Nikon 300mm Lens, f/4.5, 1/640 sec. spot metering.

This next one is a close study but I am using a very excellent pro lens with an adapter. So, I’m working on that kind of set up, but I think this is pretty sharp.

Meat Platter: Sony a6000 w 16-50mm varible kit lens, f/16, 1/160 sec, Aperture Priority Center weighted metering, 0EV

This next one is a product shot, hand held, and I’m OK with it…

And the final one in this…

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