Jose O Rivera on Instagram: “Gmelina hystrix Shohin 9” (23cm) #shohin #bonsaitree #bonsailife #bonsaiart #bonsailovers #bonsaiworld #gmelina #shohinbonsai…”

Chris xepapas on Instagram: “Today’s project is this nothofagus cunninghamii, or as most would know it, Tasmanian Myrtle. This wild collected tree was dug around 4…”

Deadwood creation

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

Here is a selection of the deadwood working sometimes called carving but I rarely carve, I create by stripping, burning and blasting. I do use Dremels and Makita to remove bulk but the majority of the work is done slowly by hand. It’s important to me that the work I do is indistinguishable from the natural deadwood created by nature. Every one of these photos has some deadwood created by me contained in the image. Most of the trees are Taxus (Yew), there are some softwood trees such as Hawthorn but that’s usually done to hollow trees to give the appearance of age.

You can find more deadwood working HERE and HERE

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September Meeting Report


An excellent meeting when we concentrated on juniper styling and development with Club member Peter sharing his knowledge and experiences with these trees.  He brought two of his own to the meeting and admits that he is rather fond of Itoigawa. Giving a brief history on their development, he explained that personally he prefers a rounded mound of healthy, mature foliage, as opposed to the more open and splayed
out styles or pom poms.  The vigour of junipers is in their foliage and this is where the maintenance is most important.  The presentation covered all aspects of juniper development.  It was interesting to note that styling seems to fall into two camps – either following the rigid, traditional Japanese standards or those of the more flamboyant Western-European influence.
The Club’s display table again indicated members’ keen interest in the topic of the evening with a very generous contribution of different…

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