Lagoon Cleanup – Int’l Coastal Cleanup Day 9-15-18


This was a Good Cleanup Day at the lagoon.

On the beach, with bags (L. Loeher 9-15-18)

168 people showed up, signed in and spread out from beach to lagoon and up the creek. True, total pre-sign-ups were a bit over 300, but this is slightly better than last year, when 300 signed up and 157 showed up. Eleven SMBAS worker bees appeared, setting up tables & shade awning, greeting, taking signed waivers, giving safety talks, handing out bags and gloves, then weighing-in the returning trash and giving water to thirsty picker-uppers.

Lu makes signs (L. Loeher 9-15-18)

Our bonus helper, Flo, brought Judge Ken, who ruled impartially on whether waivers had been properly filled out or not. Ken recently thrashed his knee and was definitely hobbling, but once he was in the chair and behind the bench he seemed right at home.

Structuring the shade tent (L. Loeher 9-15-18)

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Bonsai on Elm Street

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

It’s actually the corner of Randolph and Wallace, but that’s not very euphonious.

It is an elm tree. A Chinese elm, for clarification, Ulmus parviflora, which means “small flowered elm”. It is a species from East Asia including China and Japan (sorry, but I must insert a note on the general naming of plants, or the binomial system. I see this mistake often, but, most recently and embarrassingly, by a gentleman who has been in bonsai for longer than I’ve been alive. The genus is the first part, which here would be the “Ulmus”. The second part is the species, again, in this case “parviflora”. Lastly, we would have the cultivar, which might be “Caitlyn” or “seiju”. It’s not very edifying to oneself to use the word “cultivar” when you mean “species”)

I’m not sure what, if any, the variety this tree is (or, you know, the cultivar, which means…

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