American redstart launches autumn’s parade of migrating warblers

Our Fine Feathered Friends

AmericanRedstart-Male Photo by Bryan Stevens • Male American redstarts are unmistakable warblers in their vibrant orange, black and white plumage.

The parade of warblers through my yard has kicked off. I noticed the first arrivals in the final days of August. A young male American redstart in the wispy branches of a creekside weeping willow represented the first fall warbler to put in an appearance this year. He spent considerable time making his way through the tree branches in search of insect prey. Redstarts, like other species of warblers, lead a very active lifestyle, seemingly always on the go.

In the following days, other warblers joined the redstart, including a black-throated green warbler, black-and-white warbler, black-throated blue warbler and chestnut-sided warbler, as well as other migrants such as red-eyed vireo, gray catbird and blue-gray gnatcatcher. I’m still seeing ruby-throated hummingbirds contesting for access to my sugar water feeders, as well.


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