Return of the cracked pot friendship tree

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Again, here I sit, waiting for the kids to be released from prison… uh, school. People ask me why I work on my bonsai so much here. I guess I could just take a nap or read a book but, I’m a bonsai guy. Plus I baffle the other parents and get strange looks. That’s worth it, if for no other reason.

The tree today is a Brazilian Raintree. I had been calling it the “Friendship BRT” but since I put it into that pot I added the “cracked-pot” descriptor to it, for the obvious literal meaning and because of its history and what has happened since.

Here’s its history, in reverse order (latest to earliest).

You can see its last appearance if you click here, the one before it was here, and before that was here. There are some good progressions of some of my best…

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