September 2018 Meeting


RogersWe can’t all achieve trees like Roger W’s glorious Acer above straight away, it takes a long time or a deep pocket to get such results but as there are a number of new members within our group now tonight’s talk and demonstration by T & S B C member Adrian Taylor had beginners in mind.  How one might go about acquiring or starting a tree and a few worthwhile tips on the journey that is Bonsai.

Adrian has himself been following the bonsai path for many years and he gave an examples of the  way one might go about growing ones first bonsais.

Note: There is no species of a tree that is a Bonsai, bonsai is the art of cultivating trees of all sorts in pots and controlling and styling their growth to achieve a tree that is pleasing in shape and character.

Growing from Seed
So many…

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