Killdeer: Eve Roper



by Eve Roper

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

Hidden in the crisp green field grass, my babies lay under our guidance protected as they lay nestled safe in a quiet place.

A nest I have scratched from a small shallow area in the brown soil camouflaged from sight.

Dee -dee- dee dee-ee kildee- dee -ee !

Bobbing my head up and down attempting to distract and lure the predator away from my nest as it comes near.  Immediately my mate runs quickly to the left, feigning I have a broken wing I hobble to the right.  It’s coming too close, I spread my wings and take flight to escape taunting the predator with my call.

Dee -dee- dee dee-ee kildee- dee -ee !

We successfully succeed to divert the predator away.  I back track to my babies, shaking from the trauma I have gone through.


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