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Killdeer: Eve Roper

Bona Fide Extrordinary Living


by Eve Roper

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

Hidden in the crisp green field grass, my babies lay under our guidance protected as they lay nestled safe in a quiet place.

A nest I have scratched from a small shallow area in the brown soil camouflaged from sight.

Dee -dee- dee dee-ee kildee- dee -ee !

Bobbing my head up and down attempting to distract and lure the predator away from my nest as it comes near.  Immediately my mate runs quickly to the left, feigning I have a broken wing I hobble to the right.  It’s coming too close, I spread my wings and take flight to escape taunting the predator with my call.

Dee -dee- dee dee-ee kildee- dee -ee !

We successfully succeed to divert the predator away.  I back track to my babies, shaking from the trauma I have gone through.


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Dinosaur of the week: Wandering Albatross

Spocki's World

Diomedea exulans has one of the biggest wingspans of all flying birds, up to 3.5 meters. The Southern Royal Albatross can apparently by even larger. I saw this Wandering Albatross when crossing the Drake passage on my return from a trip to Antarctica.

All species of albatross are in danger, mostly because of fishing methods and plastic.

Here’s a recent account by Ben Lecomte who is swimming across the Pacific:

That was amazing to be in the water with four wild birds of that size just a few feet away from me. I got a fist-beck bump with two of them. Brian jumped in the water with a GoPro and started filming the when one of them went for a red piece of plastic and tried to eat it. Brian reached out and retrieved a small red plastic basket. A couple of minutes later I spotted two of them going…

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1° Corso con Mario: stile Moyogi.

nihon bonsai

Lo studio e la conoscenza dei precisi criteri estetici di scelta del fronte e dei rami e delle caratteristiche di questo stile, consentono di trasformare un materiale insignificante in un prebonsai con buone prospettive di sviluppo future.
Lo studio degli stili consente di acquisire e di comprendere precisi criteri di modellatura, la cui applicazione pratica consente di verificarne immediatamente l’efficacia dei risultati.
Questo esercizio di modellatura su materiali semplici è una tappa fondamentale da percorrere per poi riuscire a lavorare piante più sviluppate ed importanti.

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