Face-hugger or Swoosh? You decide

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Inner-est-ing. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I like to work with non-traditional shapes very often in my art. This is not the first time you have seen this tree…..……nor shall it be the last (….back back, over the falls….)

Cookie cutter bonsai, both in trunk form and branch selection and placement, is easy. Once you learn those artistic principles, you are allowed to exaggerate, edit, or even throw them out. That’s what Art is. But art is also about being successful at what you are trying to convey.

So if you are trying to make a tranquil, natural representation of an upright deciduous tree, you’ll tend to want taper, radial roots, the branch structure, etc. that convey that idea.

If you want a face-hugger, you gotta use something else for inspiration.

I’m looking at changing the pot on this bad boy (I had a reader…

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The Redeemer

Wading through Wigeon

After the disappointment of last weeks Semi-P debacle, messing up a probable 3rd for Lancs on patch, it was nice to somewhat redeem myself by finding a cracking moulting adult American Golden Plover at Marshside today.

Initially very distant, its very white super, slim build and constant movement made it stand out at the back of the marsh. On its own at first, I struggled to get some sort of image. The first ones are particularly grainy, but the light was perhaps better at this point.


It was flushed about 4 times in the first half an hour so had to keep refinding it to get some better images – it gradually landed nearer, but was never really in decent image range. A cracking bird through the scope though. The strong sunlight didn’t help either.


A couple of shaky videos too – the fresh westerly may be helping with the…

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