~Birds in the yard…

Wolf Song Blog

~Loveland, CO, September, 2018

A few bird photos from my yard.

_MG_3758 A male House Finch looking a little scruffy.


_MG_3788 Seeing some migrating Robins, they sure are enjoying the water.


_MG_3729 A young Robin (note the yellow bill).


_MG_3727 A black and white of a Blue Jay drinking water.

_MG_3726 Photo taken through the window.


_MG_3723 A very young Red-Shafted (Western) Flicker. Photo taken through the glass.


_MG_3719 Black and White of a Downy Woodpecker.


_MG_3658 White-Breasted Nuthatch (not a good photo, testing a different lens).


_MG_3759 Common Grackle(?) (lots of them passing through).


_MG_3752 Only saw two Hummers today. Looks like a female Rufous.


_MG_3739 “I think I need to scratch.”


_MG_3780 Black and White of Western Scrub Jay.


_MG_3771 Sitting pretty!


_MG_3744 What a stern look she has going.


Happy Birding!

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