Annual Bonsai Tree Show

Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society

Bonsai-silhouette-sonneThe Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a free bonsai event on Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26. All are invited for free workshops, free consults, starter trees, and gorgeous bonsai displays at pfm bonsai, 7 Western Avenue in West Charlton, NY.

See bonsai trees in all stages of development. Attend free bonsai workshops and demos. Bring your trees and get free advice from Dr. Bonsai. Stock up on starter trees and supplies, pots, tools, slabs and soils. Enter free raffles.

You can even create your own bonsai each day at 1:00. The $40 fee for this workshop includes a nursery-grown Portulacaria Afra bonsai tree, expert styling, PLUS an annual MHBS club membership (a $40 value).

“If you’ve ever been interested in these little trees but don’t think you can keep one alive, this event is for you,” says bonsai master and club member Pauline Muth.

This is…

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Changeing Minds


Doing club demos requires research and planning but the bring rewards to the membership and even to self. I recently had the opportunity to do a demo for the San Mateo club, SBBK, on the subject of tropical material. I introduced species many had not seen before. It is always good to help “change minds”, challenge concepts and drive the art of bonsai in new directions.

Popular demonstration on tropical trees.

This month I will touch an another taboo subject; Tanuki or phoenix graft. Some say that it is not bonsai, others disagree; and I consider it bonsai that tells a different story and should always be explained if presented at a show. It is less about the trick and more about they reasons why the graft was done.

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Tall Juniper First Styling

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

This is a  Blaauws Juniper that I acquired locally from the family of an enthusiast who  had passed away. It was in poor health when I acquired it, having been neglected for several years previously. The following picture shows how it looked when I brought it home in February 2016. A lot of the foliage had died back and what remained had become quite extended, pale and thin. It was re-potted immediately and a feeding programme commenced to try and return the tree to full health. That was two and a half years ago.


The next picture shows how the tree looked at the start of the day. The thin extended branches have been pruned off and the new growth is closer to the trunk line, much healthier and stronger.

The tree is now about 60 cm. tall. It has a long slender trunk line, slowly tapering towards the apex…

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I’ll get by will a little help from my friends….

Maidstone Bonsai Society

Will Adams Festival Gillingham Park 2018, saw Maidstone Bonsai Society’s display team in full effect, always a well-attended event, and a big thank you to all who showed so much interest, and enjoyed the tree’s we displayed.

As always we like to display any tree that a member wants to display and is happy to talk about, showing the club has members in many levels of their Bonsai journey, from beginner to old oak!

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