‘Stampede’ Ponderosa Pine Styling…

Michael Hagedorn

There’s a story about the name ‘Stampede’. The Backcountry Bonsai guys enjoy naming the trees they collect, and having received several with memorable names I asked if this Ponderosa Pine had one. I only got an abbreviated version by text and maybe not the full story, but I gather it involved some galloping extraterrestrials or horned animals that were shooed away by Steve Varland, saving the pine’s life. Dust cloud from retreating herd of mysterious animals…mountain peaks…a man bent over, worrying over an old tree…you can sort of see the ageless moment there. And the name Stampede was born.

Here’s a photo essay of last Saturday’s monkeying around in the first styling. Thanks to Andrew Robson, Alan Thompson, and Lincoln Proud for the extra hands and sharing some sushi-


Prepping the Ponderosa Pine for wiring


Alan asking a question of which I have no clear memory—‘Shall we move it closer to…

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