Carving and wiring: a tale of a bougainvillea, a Ficus, glass and sawdust.

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Tree number one: Bougainvillea. Needs repotting, wiring….

……and some carving. The nubs above…..

…..and above…..

…..and above……

But below, we have a willow leaf in need of some bondage. There is, amazingly, a YouTube video on this tree here

I do apologize to my YouTube watchers on the infrequency of my videos. I’ll get back into the groove with them soon. I just don’t like being on camera. I prefer for the trees to be the star. But…..

…..I’m just the dork… do the work!Don’t you wish you were as dorky as me?

Let’s get to the point.

The trunk is pretty nice. It was purchased from Wigert’s nursery by my client.

it’s in an Italian bonsai pot, believe it or not.

Your ten cent trick of the day is this: when carving, its best to cover the soil surface. Raw sawdust isn’t good for the soil. Since I’m…

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