You’ll never guess who I got this ficus from!

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Seriously, unless you’re an avid reader of the blog there’s no way you could guess who I got the tree from.

Here it was in its first appearance. Which was several years ago.

And now, today (after a quick defoliation).

And after a quick wire removal.

The pot it’s in is a Bellota, by the late Paul Katich.

I’m going to repot, rewire, and make some choices.

I get this all the time “uh oh, wire scars!” On a ficus or any fast growing tropical tree, wire scars are no big deal. It means that what this means to me is the branch is “set” in place. And I don’t have to rewire as heavily. Don’t feel like you’re a failure if you have wire scars. Take a look at even the most high end trees you see on the internet. They all have wire scars. Even Japanese trees. The…

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