Animal Demography Unit – Yesterday we celebrated BestAugust. In fact the RED line for 2018 has been on top for every month of 2018 – except for April, when it slipped into third place! Today, reality strikes. We need to contemplate how big a challenge BestSeptember is going to be. The target for September was set in 2016, when 5,665 records were submitted to the Virtual Museum. That translates into 189 records per day. We achieved an incredible 187 records records per day during August, so given that “Spring has sprung”, 189 records per day is not too much of a reality check. Maybe, we ought to be aiming a bit higher. 6,000 records is 200 per day. 6,600 is 220 per day, and 7,200 is 240 per day. Looking ahead, BestOctober was achieved last year with 7,935 records. Now that is going to be a real challenge: 256 records per day! We should use September as warm-up month to help us climb the peaks that lie ahead! Well done, Team Virtual Museum. Thank you for your support during 2018. ~ Les Underhill #citizenscience | Facebook

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