It sometimes seems like I have a Brazilian Raintrees

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I’ve made it my mission this year to get some of my bigger trees into training pots. I have way too many project trees and not enough time. And I haven’t shown most of them, like the hornbeam and hackberry from early spring, but, as an example, you saw the casuarina from the last post.

This tree is a big air layer off of a tree that used to reside in a friend’s yard, from the east coast of Florida. I acquired it from a guy in Tampa, who drove over and and dug the whole tree up (and I mean a tree) for a couple of hundred dollars and a shotgun.

Considering this was a branch off of that tree, you can imagine how big it was to dig up.

It really has interesting movement, probably stemming (heh) from it being an air layer of a branch.


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