Taming a She-Oak

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Today, for your narrative and viewing pleasure, we have an: Aussie pine, she oak, ironwood, horsetail tree, beefwood, whistling tree, and every combination of the above. Here in Florida we call the casuarina equisetifolia an Australian pine. Some call it a filthy invasive that should be eradicated. There is evidence for that, as some research has been done showing where the leaf litter acts like a pre-emergent herbicide, preventing seeds from germinating. This is good for weeds, but not native species that are endangered on the Florida coasts.

But the specimen we have today is a collected one, dug up and removed from nature, proactively, and responsibly, making way for native species to flourish…..or something like that. All I know is that, in a bonsai pot, it’s not reproducing in nature anymore.

I’ve let it grow since I’ve gotten it…..Maybe too much.

I’m on my way to the Central…

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