August Meeting report

Another busy, full-on meeting with lots of activity.  First up was the unusual sight of a number of named objects wrapped in newspaper.  All was revealed when members IMG_3833opened their packages to reveal their finished accent pots made at April meeting in raw clay, now glazed and fired by China Mist and looking very different.  There was a lot of excitement and a selection of finished items are shown here:

Next event was a display of various items for our first Club raffle to remind members, who have been obtaining tickets at meetings, what is on offer.  The original intention was to win a well maintained tree in a good ceramic pot but, in addition to this, people have kindly donated further prizes for the draw which will take place at our December meeting.  Thank you to our donors for their generosity.

Then came the presentation of the Alan Taylor…

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Peter Warren workshop update

Munster Bonsai Club

Good morning Munster bonsai just a quick update about our upcoming workshop with Peter Warren.Saturday starting time is ten o’clock and finishing about five and Sunday it’s nine to four o’clock.anybody who is doing both days can leave there trees over night on the Saturday,they will be locked away to save anyone dragging trees both days.Saturday night we will take Peter Warren out for a meal in limerick city(New crowned champions)so everyone is’s a good chance to get to know Peter.Cheers👍

Also Ray from bud garden centre will have some bonsai merchandise for sale on Saturday and Sunday wire pots soil etc

See you there all.

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Taming a She-Oak

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Today, for your narrative and viewing pleasure, we have an: Aussie pine, she oak, ironwood, horsetail tree, beefwood, whistling tree, and every combination of the above. Here in Florida we call the casuarina equisetifolia an Australian pine. Some call it a filthy invasive that should be eradicated. There is evidence for that, as some research has been done showing where the leaf litter acts like a pre-emergent herbicide, preventing seeds from germinating. This is good for weeds, but not native species that are endangered on the Florida coasts.

But the specimen we have today is a collected one, dug up and removed from nature, proactively, and responsibly, making way for native species to flourish…..or something like that. All I know is that, in a bonsai pot, it’s not reproducing in nature anymore.

I’ve let it grow since I’ve gotten it…..Maybe too much.

I’m on my way to the Central…

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