[Book review] Cutting back by Leslie Buck

Real Japanese Gardens

Cutting back: My Apprenticeship in the Gardens of Kyoto
Leslie Buck

First published 2018
By Timber Press
Reviewed edition: kindle ebook
ISBN 10: 1-604-69793-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-604-69793-3

The intention of the book is described as followed:

[…] I started thinking about how I’d accomplished all of my dreams, even the biggest one—apprenticing with a Japanese garden company. So I asked myself, “Well, what next?” and a voice popped into my head: “Write the book.”

-Interview with Timber Press

Leslie Buck is a garden designer and aesthetic pruner who specializes in natural design in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has over two decades of gardening experience and a fine art degree from U.C. Berkeley and the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts in France. In 2000, Leslie studied with Uetoh Zoen, one of the oldest and most highly acclaimed landscape companies in Japan. Leslie has worked, taught, and volunteered in hundreds…

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August 2018 Update – Too many figs!


This week I visited with my creeping fig tree. Years past I have let the figs ripen and fall off but that weakens the tree going into Fall and Winter. It was time to harvest. I remove most of the figs; leaving only those for ornamentation purposes.

Moving around the garden, I also checked in on all the little wonders that have been re-potted this year.

Creeping Ficus 2018 – full of figs

Creeping Ficus 2018 – extending root mass into the air.

Creeping Fig 2018 – farming figs to preserve energy for the tree.

3 trunk Schfleura after re-potting

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