The wind in the willow…leaf ficus

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I have two ficus trees for you to ponder today.

This sweet sumo:

….and this one that’s in serious training. Let’s look at it first. My daughter removed most of the wire on it already for me…..….but she left me the bigger wire. I should probably have had her do it about a month ago…..

…..the wire is cutting in…just a little……

…..OK, a lot. Don’t worry, it’s a ficus.

I got the tree as stock material from Dragon Tree Bonsai down in Palm City, FL. An amazing place where old time Florida bonsai attitudes still prevail.

I picked out like 5-6 for development and resale. I only have this and another one left.

As is the case, though, I usually fall in love with the trees I work on the most. So it may not be for sale soon.

Just some clean up and elimination of superfluous branches.

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